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Christoffer Hruskova on North Road departure: 'I will come back stronger with new restaurant'

By Peter Ruddick , 03-Sep-2012
Last updated on 03-Sep-2012 at 17:34 GMT2012-09-03T17:34:34Z

Denmark-born chef Christoffer Hruskova, who won the North Road Restaurant its first Michelin star 10 months after it opened, has announced he has left the venue and is no longer involved in the business after a disagreement with co-owner Viviane Lorans. 

Speaking to BigHospitality, Hruskova revealed he left the Clerkenwell eatery three months ago but wanted to set the record straight about his current and future plans after rumours about his departure started to surface online.

“I don’t want to come out and be negative about it – I came out with a statement because I just didn’t want to be associated with the restaurant anymore,” he said.

Hruskova also revealed he was already in talks with investors with a view to replicating his signature Scandinavian, pared-down style in a new restaurant venture.

“In six months time I hope I can open my new place - it will be in London. I am very proud of what I did at North Road and I feel like we brought a lot of new things to the restaurant scene in London and hopefully can do it even better when I open again and come back stronger.”

Differing opinions

The chef explained he and Lorans had disagreed on the future direction of the business but said he wished the best to the team who remain at the restaurant which had not been suffering before his departure. 

“It was doing better and better. It was simply a differing of opinions on how you run a restaurant and how you take it forward. It was something that had been going on for a while – I didn’t just take my stuff and walk out."


It is expected a swap of shares will now take place between Hruskova and Lorans who both currently co-own North Road Restaurant and the chef's other business Fig Bistro. The transaction will leave the Dane in sole charge of the Islington venue although he is now searching for someone to run the business while he focuses on other projects.

“I am also talking with some very interesting people in Denmark regarding a bakery over here with Danish sourdough and I am also working on my own ice cream product to come out in three to six months,” he added.

The North Road Restaurant remains open with former sous-chef Rafael Cagali heading up the kitchen. Hruskova said he was unaware of the future plans for the restaurant and whether the menu he designed and implemented would remain in place.