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Jason Atherton uses TV show to recruit chef for Pollen Street Social

3 commentsBy Emma Eversham , 22-Aug-2012
Last updated on 22-Aug-2012 at 16:38 GMT2012-08-22T16:38:06Z

Who will get the chance to work with Jason Atherton at Pollen Street Social? Watch Secret Interview on Channel 5 tonight to find out

Who will get the chance to work with Jason Atherton at Pollen Street Social? Watch Secret Interview on Channel 5 tonight to find out

Jason Atherton is to appear in a new TV show tonight where he will give one of two chefs the chance to land a job working in the kitchens of his London restaurant Pollen Street Social.

The show is part of a four-part Channel 5 series titled Secret Interview which gives unsuspecting candidates the chance to win the job of a lifetime in industries such as hospitality, media and property. 

In the first episode of the series Atherton will have to decide whether to hire Richard Guest, head chef at The Victoria in Westbury-on-Trym in Somerset, or Rob Young, executive chef at The Bank in Bexleyheath, after seeing how they handle a series of tricky situations. 

Neither candidate is aware they are in the running for a job with Atherton. Instead, they are told that cameras are being fitted into the kitchens where they work to capture footage for a documentary about their respective workplaces.

Tough situations

“The reality is they are being filmed and put into situations so that Jason can secretly see how they handle the toughest situations being thrown at them,” said a spokesperson for Secret Interview.

Tasks that Guest and Young will be put through include having to deal with badly-performing trainee chefs and waitresses and nightmare food orders, while Atherton will also be analysing their reactions to a fake restaurant critic and overtly fussy customers. 

Finally, both candidates will be asked to cook one of Atherton’s signature dishes for his head chef Paul Hood before the ultimate decision is made.

Atherton is one of four bosses who will recruit unsuspecting candidates through the course of the series. He appears alongside hairstylist to the stars, Nicky Clarke, editor of Glamour magazine, Jo Elvin, and self-made millionaire and property tycoon, Kevin Green.

Ian Dunkley, Channel 5’s commissioning editor for factual entertainment, said: “No one likes being interviewed but this show takes it to a new level. Our candidates don’t even know it’s happening and that they are being judged by some of the biggest names in their field of work.”

The Secret Interview, starring Atherton, starts on Channel 5 at 8pm tonight. 

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Rob was the winner

How could Jason take Rickard who could not even cook Veg! Rob was the better working and better cook i think this show is a bit fake its a shame

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Posted by rob
23 August 2012 | 16h082012-08-23T16:08:49Z

Rob got ripped off!!!!

Rob should have got the job. Couldn't believe it when he picked Richard, he kept hiding in the cold room... hid behind his boss when it came to getting rid of an annoying new apprentice. pure joke to be honest.. Hope Rob goes on to open his own fantastic restaurant, I'd go there!! Well done Rob. you were the true winner..

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Posted by Yvonne
22 August 2012 | 23h152012-08-22T23:15:11Z


Don't agree with Jason's decision at all think it was a fix as rob looked like he had a lot more to offer

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Posted by Deanwilliams
22 August 2012 | 22h072012-08-22T22:07:51Z