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Michelin-starred LIMA considering rolling-out Harrods deli concept

By Sophie Witts , 29-Jan-2016
Last updated on 29-Jan-2016 at 10:31 GMT2016-01-29T10:31:40Z

LIMA co-founders Gabriel and Jose-Luiz Gonzalez
LIMA co-founders Gabriel and Jose-Luiz Gonzalez

The team behind London’s Michelin-starred LIMA and LIMA FLORAL restaurants are considering rolling-out their upcoming LIMA Deli concept after its debut at Harrods food hall later this year.

The first Peruvian grab-and-go site will open on 1 March  and serve a ‘simplified’ version of the restaurant’s Michelin dishes to takeaway.

LIMA co-owner Gabriel Gonzalez told BigHospitailty that the group was ‘absolutely’ interested in launching further venues beyond Harrods.

“If this one is successful and we manage to crack in to that market we will definitely be looking at expanding in to other retail opportunities,” he said.

“I think the challenge here and for Peruvian food in general is how to translate the offering we have in restaurants in to a mass market format.”

Gonzalez said maintaining LIMA’s personal touch in a retail environment would be a key test for the team.

“The offering we have at the restaurant is of a certain level, we work with the freshest produce we can get our hands on and try to give an experience where the staff can explain where the ingredients come from and the inspiration behind the dishes,” he said.

“One of the challenges going in to retail is that while in the restaurant the customer can spend two hours having their dinner, [at LIMA deli] there will be a much shorter contact with our team.”

LIMA chefs are also working to create a series of takeaway dishes which match the flavours of the restaurant’s Michelin-starred cuisine.

“Keeping the Peruvian flavours and everything that entails – the acidity and the chilies – is key, but we need to create a more simplified version,” said Gonzalez.

“It’s very exciting and we’re working with the chefs to do that.”

Gonzalez opened the first London LIMA  with his brother Jose-Luiz and restaurateur Virgilio Martinez in 2012, with the restaurant gaining a Michelin Star within its first year of opening.

The team opened their second London site LIMA Floral in July 2014.

Martinez is also chef-owner of Central restaurant in Peru – which was named the fourth best restaurant in the world last year.

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