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X-Factor final weekend set to boost food delivery services

By Luke Nicholls , 09-Dec-2011

With an estimated 20 million TV viewers for this weekend’s X-Factor final, London-based high-end food delivery service Deliverance has revealed that it is one of the biggest dates of the year for the food delivery market.

Last year’s X-Factor final saw Deliverance orders up by 26 per cent compared to the year’s average, with weekend orders and sales up by 34 per cent.


“X-Factor weekend is great for business as thousands of people in and around London opt for a night in instead of a night out,” said Spencer Skinner, Deliverance chief executive.


“We are going to be extremely busy this weekend, but we are prepared, Skinner continues, “All the extra ingredients are in and everybody from our call centre staff, to our chefs and bikers are on stand-by in anticipation of the X-Factor Final”

X-Factor final special offers

The busiest time for food orders were between 6:30pm and 7:30pm on the night of the 2010 X-Factor final when we took over a third of Deliverance’s total evening orders.


Celebratory drinks were also firmly on the menu during last year’s X-Factor final weekend. Deliverance’s drink orders went up by eight per cent while pudding sales were up by 7.5 per cent.


Last year, BigHospitality reported that Pizza Express marketed (via email newsletter) a takeaway offer of four pizzas for £20 . That offer is once again available this weekend to ensure its weekend revenue doesn’t slip.


Pizza delivery company Chicago Town is also running its own limited edition X-Factor Pizza.