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How can brands improve customer experience and sustainability in the hospitality industry? - Miele

08-Jul-2014 - In the hospitality industry, providing the best possible customer experience is key to ensuring that your business stays one step ahead of the competition.With the economy improving, people are gradually starting to spend more, but as the industry grows so...
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Enter your details here for a chance to win x2 cases of NEW Appletiser Apple & Pomegranate 275ml - Coca Cola Enterprises Ltd

29-Jun-2014 - Appletiser has been refreshing people in the UK for over 30 years. The gently sparkling 100% apple juice contains no added sugar, preservatives or colourants and officially counts as one of your recommended 5 A Day portions of fruit and...
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BigHospitality Online Trends Survey 2013: Trends in Internet Usage in the UK for Hospitality Industry Professionals - Big Hospitality

18-Sep-2013 - In June 2013, BigHospitality conducted a survey of its user base of restaurant, hotel, pub & bar professionals.The objective of the BigHospitality Online Trends Survey was to determine online usage trends among BigHospitality readers. The survey was taken by more...
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Free Insight Guide: Why food safety records matter - Elektron Technology

22-May-2014 - Checkit is the smart, wireless monitoring system that easily enables you to take control of food safety management. Checkit’s free Insight Guide provides an introduction to UK food law and the records it requires. Enforce food safety Simplify records Fulfil SFBB/ HACCP legal...
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Six Mistakes to Avoid When Buying EPOS - Maitre’D EPOS

24-Mar-2014 - EPOS systems offer a solid ROI by growing revenue and cutting costs. But sometimes decisions that impede ROI are made in the buying process. Download this whitepaper to learn how to avoid six traps that can lead down some very...
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Learn how to gain powerful customer insights - Omnico Group

17-Mar-2014 - Omni Vision is the Big Data platform you need – delivering powerful customer insights into who your customers are and what motivates them. By understanding which customers represent sales, margins and potential losses, you can make better decisions – around...
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Keys to Controlling Labour Costs - Maitre’D EPOS

03-Mar-2014 - Download the Keys to Controlling Labour Costs whitepaper to discover at least 10 ways to save more on labour costs, and learn about the three primary drivers: Tracking time and attendance, scheduling, and cross training. 
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How can Hospitality brands use technology to rustle up growth? - Omnico Group

24-Feb-2014 - The 2014 Peach Business Leader’s survey looks at the major challenges facing the hospitality industry this year. Technology is once again a prominent feature with more than half of the respondents believing that using technology will enhance the customer experience...
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Tips for a Smoother EPOS Upgrade Whitepaper - Maitre’D EPOS

24-Feb-2014 - If you're planning an EPOS upgrade in the next year, download our Tips for a Smoother EPOS Upgrade to learn how to keep staff productivity up, and avoid hidden costs and common mistakes that are made when upgrading an EPOS...
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Download our FREE Sports Trend Guide - Nestlé Professional

20-Feb-2014 - Major world sporting events are just around the corner bringing the whole nation together to cheer on their teams. This is our biggest trend guide yet, and highlights trends and many recipes from around the world that suit pubs and...
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Cost Controls and your EPOS System - Maitre’D EPOS

17-Feb-2014 - In the Four keys to Controlling Food Costs whitepaper, we discuss how to use your EPOS as a key tool in the four core phases of Cost Control: Ordering and Inventory, Issuing and Portioning, Pricing and Tracking. Click to download...
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Make More Money with Maitre’D Mobile EPOS - Maitre’D EPOS

11-Feb-2014 - Find out how Maitre’D Customers get return on investment in only a few months by providing better customer service, increasing table turns and ticket average and reducing labour costs with mobile EPOS. Cut down on time taken to enter orders Increase customer...
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Get ready for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games: learn from the owner of London’s Railway Tavern Pub and B&B - P&G Professional

23-Jan-2014 - Having supported the hospitality industry in the UK for over 30 years, P&G Professional want to share the success stories of those independent operators who are setting the bar high in terms of delivering the ultimate guest experience.Watch this video...
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Are you making the most of new payment technology? - Global Payments

08-Nov-2013 - Our Global Payments integrated solutions have been designed to save you time, reduce errors and improve customer experience.To find out about all the benefits to you and your customers, download our free white paper for the hospitality sector now. Exclusive ‘3...
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Exclusive Hospitality Offer - Global Payments

29-Oct-2013 - Contact us today to receive an offer exclusively for the hospitality industry. We are offering all businesses within the hospitality industry 3 months free Global PAY Now or Global POS Link terminal rental and no set-up fee (a £500 value)*. Our Global...
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Keeping EPOS ROI on Track: 6 Mistakes to Avoid - Maitre’D EPOS

28-Oct-2013 - EPOS systems offer a solid ROI by growing revenue and cutting costs. But sometimes decisions that look like smart ROI turn out to be exactly the opposite. In this paper, we discuss how the hunt for ROI can lead down...
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Independent Vs Branded - NatWest

23-Oct-2013 - Running a hotel without any help can be tough, especially in today’s climate, but is joining a brand the only solution for struggling hoteliers?NatWest and BigHospitality gathered together a group of hoteliers and brand development directors to debate the pros...
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Two-way interface maximises covers and profits - Maitre’D EPOS

22-Oct-2013 - Front-of-house staff no longer have to move between two systems to keep track of what is happening in the restaurant. Data drawn from ResDiary allows staff to effectively manage bookings, walk-ins and maximise your covers directly in Maitre'D EPOS Booking arrivals, walk-ins,...
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Saffron - A complete end to end Catering Management Solution - Fretwell-Downing Hospitality

08-Oct-2013 - The back office processes as a caterer can be complicated and time consuming, something that Saffron is able to simplify and streamline.With Saffron, you are able to collate and automate all your back office processes into one simple to use system, right...
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Tips for a smoother EPOS upgrade - Maitre’D EPOS

07-Oct-2013 - Buying or upgrading an EPOS system affects every area of your business, and so many things can go wrong. Our whitepaper discusses best practices and traps to avoid in three key areas of your business: staff, costs, and operations.