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Business Profile

Business Profile

Some of the UK’s most accomplished multi-site operators reveal the secrets behind the creation and success of their business.

Business Profile: Brasserie Blanc

10-Jan-2017 - Five years ago French chain Brasserie Blanc was a brand in stasis. But a revamp of the entire estate and a move into the pub sector means it has rediscovered its je ne sais quoi....

Business Profile: San Carlo

13-Dec-2016 - Family-run Italian restaurant group San Carlo is switching focus away from its northern heartland to expand across the capital.

Business Profile: Coco di Mama

09-Nov-2016 - Under its parent company the Azzurri Group, grab-and-go Italian restaurant brand Coco di Mama is bringing its faster pasta to the masses.

Business Profile: Pizza Pilgrims

06-Oct-2016 - Brothers James and Thom Elliot have created a fun-loving restaurant business where the vibes are as important as the food. And the Pizza Pilgrims party has only just begun. ...

Business Profile: Flat Iron

06-Sep-2016 - Charlie Carroll has turned the traditional steakhouse model on its head with Flat Iron, his affordable steak restaurant brand. And the secret’s in the name

Business Profile: Benugo

11-Aug-2016 - Ben Warner was on holiday in South Africa when the fallout from his company’s plans to take over a family-run café on Hampstead Heath began. ...

Business Profile: Boston Tea Party

12-Jul-2016 - The 18-strong café and restaurant group Boston Tea Party is moving beyond its south-west heartland. But it still doesn’t want to be called a chain. ...

Business Profile: Individual Restaurant Company

06-Jun-2016 - Piccolino and Bar & Grill owner Individual Restaurant Company has kept a low profile in recent years. But with the remodelling of its estate and a tie-up with an Italian TV chef, it...

Business Profile: New Moon Co

10-May-2016 - With four gastropubs and four different restaurant brands, New Moon Co is building a diverse portfolio across the north. 

Business Profile: Camino

07-Mar-2016 - Former commodities trader Richard Bigg swapped platinum and cooper for jamon Iberico and palo cortado to create Camino, a fun-loving Spanish group that blurs the lines between restaurant and bar....

Business Profile: The Breakfast Club

09-Feb-2016 - All-day café chain The Breakfast Club might have an obsession with the ’80s but it’s very much a restaurant brand of the moment

Business Profile: Rossopomodoro

11-Jan-2016 - After an underwhelming start in the UK, in the hands of Handley Amos, Neapolitan pizza chain Rossopomodoro has begun to expand steadily thanks to a menu overhaul and a forward-thinking link-up with John Lewis....

Business Profile: Jamie's Italian

07-Dec-2015 - Jamie’s Italian outpaced the branded competition during the downturn. But can one of Britain’s most successful casual dining brands maintain pole position at home as it continues to build its presence overseas?...

Business Profile: Byron

10-Nov-2015 - Two years on from its change in ownership and with a ‘full deck’ of 52 sites, Byron is pushing on to the next stage of growth under its founder Tom Byng....

Business Profile: Red's True Barbecue

06-Oct-2015 - With their hot sauces in retail, a cookbook under their belts and a sixth site about to launch, Red’s True Barbecue’s James Douglas and Scott Munro are fired up for further growth....

Business Profile: Bone Daddies

08-Sep-2015 - With a third Bone Daddies imminent and his Flesh & Buns and Shackfuyu concepts flying, Ross Shonhan is ramping up the ramen. And he’s not stopping there.

Business Profile: Ibérica

07-Jul-2015 - An unwillingness to compromise on the quality of its ingredients and the authenticity of its cooking has seen premium Spanish restaurant group Ibèrica make the transition from the capital to the regions with...

Business Profile: Leon

08-Jun-2015 - One of the UK’s most influential restaurant chains is finally gearing up for serious growth and intends to build a healthy presence outside its London heartland within the next few years....

Business Profile: PizzaExpress

06-May-2015 - Two years into his role as chief executive of PizzaExpress, Richard Hodgson is excited about the brand's future both in the UK and internationally. 

Business Profile: Comptoir Libanais

09-Mar-2015 - Tony Kitous is on a mission to bring Lebanese food to the high street and believes that the shawarma has what it takes to one day oust the burrito and...

Business Profile: Fuller's

09-Feb-2015 - Brewer and pub operator Fuller's has successfully delivered its vision of a food-led future and its premium positioning and careful expansion policy is paying dividends.

Business Profile: Franco Manca

12-Jan-2015 - Franco Manca shook up the pizza market when it launched in 2008, and it’s not finished yet, says its protagonists Giuseppe Mascoli and David Page.

Business Profile: The One Group

05-Dec-2014 - With plans to roll out its female-friendly STK steakhouse in the UK, as well as its new sister STK Rebel brand, Jonathan Segal’s The One Group is eyeing a meaty...

Business profile: Five Guys

10-Nov-2014 - A year or so on from landing on British soil, US burger phenomenon Five Guys is on the cusp of becoming a national player. UK managing director John Eckbert and director of operations Marcel...

Business Profile: Loch Fyne

08-Sep-2014 - Liz Williams, director and general manager of the UK’s biggest seafood restaurant group Loch Fyne, talks discounting, the competition and chasing the grey pound.