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CaterCost launched to save independent caterers time with menu-pricing and food management

By Luke Nicholls , 23-Jul-2012

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A new menu-costing and food management system has been launched to allow chefs and restaurateurs to make additional profit from every made-from-scratch dish and provide diners with extra calorie and nutritional information.

CaterCost allows chefs to make additional profit from every made-from-scratch dish and provide diners with extra calorie and nutritional information

CaterCost allows chefs to make additional profit from every made-from-scratch dish and provide diners with extra calorie and nutritional information

Product details:

CaterCost, created by former licensee and entrepreneur Ali Carter, gives independent operators a chance to compete with larger chains by saving time and giving greater control on what is happening in kitchen.

The CaterCost food profit calculator allows chefs to take the prices on their invoice and enter the recipe that's in their head and everything else is done for them. It will also print the finished menu.

CaterCost remembers all batched items and allows the user add a dollop, drizzle or decent-sized portion to the diner’s plate.

It also features profit alerts, a pre-loaded system of over 500 basic store cupboard ingredients, and the automatic addition of nutritional information provided with every recipe and dish.


CaterCost claims to be ‘the first on-line menu engineering resource dedicated to supporting you, the independent caterer.’ It features cloud technology, so no software is required to download it, and it’s Apple compatible.


The CaterCost package comes in four options: The standalone menu costing tool, priced at £29.95 a month; The menu costing system with the nutritional information, priced at £34.95 a month; a data entry serviced plan, which lets the CaterCost team load your suppliers and recipes, again priced at £34.95 but with a £297 set-up fee.

The fourth option is the ‘Beluga Choice’ menu engineering package, which is a completely bespoke, tailored catering consultancy service, priced depending on the application.


CaterCost is available now and the standalone menu costing tool is currently running under a special launch price. To purchase or for more information, visit

Why should you buy it?

“You only have to look at the names who have signed up to the governments voluntary code for ‘out of home calorie labelling ‘ (introduced in September 2011) to see that so far, only the big groups have the resources to do this.” said Carter.

“That’s why I set about creating a software solution that helped solve two problems in one – accurate costings and nutritional information”

“As every retail business owner knows, one of the basic principles to making a profit is to know the exact cost of something in order to re-sell it, yet dish costing has always been neglected as it is a tricky process - every dish being a complex ‘cocktail’ of component parts and measurements – far removed from the relatively simple commodity calculations attached to wet products.”


  • Chris Adey, owner/head chef at Bistro 46, Brixham: “Keeping on top of price fluctuations used to take me hours of tedious calculations to adjust my menu prices, now takes me just a few minutes. Any price increases are fed straight through and the system alerts me where margins have fallen.”
  • Stephane Rondoz, owner/head chef at South Deep Café, Poole: “I estimate I will make another 4 per cent GP this coming year by using the CaterCost system. It’s helped me identify poor performing dishes and re-negotiate with suppliers. It will easily pay for itself in additional profit it makes me, in just a few days service”

Additional information:

Chefs and restaurateurs can try CaterCost for free, with a 48-hour trial, available on the website.


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