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EcoPure Waters launches in-house water purification

By Rachel Johnson , 09-Dec-2010
Last updated on 14-Dec-2010 at 15:43 GMT2010-12-14T15:43:12Z

EcoPure Water's refillable 'One Green Bottle'

EcoPure Water's refillable 'One Green Bottle'

EcoPure Waters has launched a new purification system that will allow restaurants and cafes to serve pure filtered water straight out of the tap and into a refillable bottle for the customer's table.

The system was created in response to the increasing customer trend in restaurants for ordering tap water, which is often of poor quality, instead of expensive and unecological bottled water.

By installing an EcoPure system and ordering a suitable quantity of EcoPure's 'One Green Bottle' bottles, proprietors will be in a position to offer customers the highest quality still and sparkling water either free of charge or at minimal cost.

The machine washable bottles are available in 330ml 500ml and 1 litre size to suit all aspects of hospitality including restaurants, bars, hotel bedrooms and conference and banqueting suites.

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