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Ercolano launches 'super premium' Amore di Gelato ice-creams for restaurants, pubs and hotels

By Emma Eversham , 25-Jun-2012
Last updated the 26-Jun-2012 at 09:50 GMT

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Ercolano, the company set up by former Movenpick Ice Cream managing director Mike Godwin last year, has launched what it calls a 'super premium' range of ice creams and sorbets under the Amore Di Gelato brand, which are designed to enhance dessert menus at restaurants, pubs and hotels.

Amore Di Gelato is the new 'super premium' ice cream designed exclusively for the catering sector

Amore Di Gelato is the new 'super premium' ice cream designed exclusively for the catering sector

Product details: 

Amore Di Gelato, translated as 'Love of Ice Cream', is a premium ice-cream produced in Belgium for Ercolano. So far, the range comprises 11 flavours - Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint, Caramel, Apricot, Blackcurrant & Cream, Walnut, Coffee & Cream, Raspberry Sorbet and Lemon Sorbet. However, more flavours are expected to be added later this year and into next year. 


Ercolano says its ice creams have been produced with the British palate in mind and the range of flavours is designed to sell well, rather than to support the latest food trends. It also claims the range has been purposely kept simple to allow the chef to their own touches to the product. You also won't find this ice cream on sale in the supermarket or your local shop - it has been designed exclusively for the catering sector. 


Ice creams cost £5.25 per litre. 


Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry flavours are available in 5 litre tubs while all other flavours are available in 2.4-litre tubs. For details of stockists across the UK call Mike Godwin on 01483 488580.

Why should you buy it?:

“Caterers want a super-premium ice-cream that is wholly relevant to their menus – and relevance means not only ‘choice’ and ‘outstanding quality’, which of course are key, but it also means delivering an ice-cream that can be purchased at a cost-point that enables a chef to serve a great product that adds value, whilst making a good profit for their businesses”, says Godwin, “that is why Amore di Gelato will only be available to caterers. Every chef wants to deliver something that little bit special to his, or her, customers and here is a product that does that and we believe will quickly become a beacon brand in the UK”.

Other products on the market: 


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