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Gaggia Concetto automatic espresso machine serves coffee for pubs and bars 'at the touch of a button'

By Luke Nicholls , 18-Nov-2011

Coffee machine supplier Gaggia have launched a new automatic espresso machine aimed at pubs and bars that want to alleviate pressure on staff.

The Gaggia Concetto machine has the ability to make up to 150 cups of coffee a day with a built in coffee grinder, electronic dosing system and adjustable-height coffee dispensing.

With pub and bar staff already under increasing pressure to pull pints, mix cocktails and take food orders, the Concetto machine allows freshly-ground coffee to be produced at the push of a button.

Marketed in the UK by Watermark and available through dealers nationwide, the Concetto is also fitted with a power management system which reduces power consumption during off-peak periods. The machine measures 68cm x 48cm x 55cm with a weight of 38kg. The water boiler has a capacity of 1.7litre and the coffee boiler of 0.5litre.

Other features of the coffee machine include a pre-infusion option which allows for an even and full extraction of flavour from the coffee and a separate steam wand if bar staff want to froth up milk and add fancy finishes.

Regular cleaning of the coffee machine is recommended. For simplicity there is a removable brewing unit and Gaggia has produced a short video to show how the cleaning process is to carry out.

The Gaggia Concetto unit is available through catering equipment distributors and coffee specialists. Watermark is currently expanding its distributor network. For information and brochures phone Gaggia Watermark on 01494 785758 or visit .

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