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Mitchell & Cooper launches range of burn guard kitchen gloves

By Peter Ruddick , 17-Aug-2012
Last updated on 17-Aug-2012 at 10:24 GMT2012-08-17T10:24:54Z

Mitchell & Cooper has launched a range of burn guard kitchen gloves to help prevent hot and cold burns and cuts

Mitchell & Cooper has launched a range of burn guard kitchen gloves to help prevent hot and cold burns and cuts

Hospitality equipment manufacturer Mitchell & Cooper has launched a range of burn guard kitchen gloves which are designed to provide protection from hot and cold burns as well as cuts.

Product details:

The new range of gloves includes an oven mitt, a steam glove and a 'Kut' glove to protect hands from cuts as a result of using knives and kitchen equipment.

Mitchell & Cooper says the 'Bonzer BurnGuard QuicKlean Conventional Oven Mitt' is resistant up to 232°C and protects against steam, grease, splashes and hot kitchen surfaces in either wet or dry conditions.

The seam-sealed 'Bonzer BurnGuard SteamGlove' features a knit lining and is designed for those using water at low temperatures in wet or messy environments or those pot washing or cleaning with chemicals. The product is resistant to 121°C.

Finally, the 'Bonzer BurnGuard ‘Kut’ Glove' is manufactured with a wireframe which makes it cut-resistant and perfect to protect hands from chopping and slicing. The glove also features anti-microbial protection.


The range of gloves is entirely new to Mitchell & Cooper and is approved by NSF International which provides certification for health and safety products.

Meanwhile the oven mitt features a development for heat-resistant gloves as it contains a removable inner lining to make it easier to wipe clean the product. 


Prices for gloves in the new range start from £22.


The oven mitt comes in 15" and 18" sizes while the steam glove comes in a variety of sizes including 14" and 20" both of which are available in M, L and XL. The 'Kut' glove is available in XS, S, M, L and XL.

The entire range as well as all the Mitchell & Cooper products can be bought from the manufacturer's website or by calling the sales team direct on 01825 765111.

Why should you buy it?

A spokesperson for Mitchell & Cooper said: "The range offers caterers the ultimate protection from some inevitable kitchen mishaps; helping to prevent hot and cold burns, and cuts."

"With the busy demands of a kitchen environment, burns from hot pans, ovens and food items can be common. The 'Kut' glove is also the perfect way to stop cut fingers from everyday chopping and slicing and it can also be worn to stop lacerations resulting from the cleaning of any sharp kitchen equipment too."

More information:

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