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Multi-channel marketing solution to launch this month

By Becky Paskin , 06-May-2011

Footfall123 claims to increase site revenue by £2k per month

Footfall123 claims to increase site revenue by £2k per month

Digital coupons expert Codilink will this month launch a new software platform designed to unify mobile, email, social media and print marketing campaigns.

Footfall123 allows operators to manage all marketing channels in one hub, with consistent messages sent across all, as well as track the effectiveness of each message.

Codilink has been running beta trials of Foootfall123 with the likes of Byron and Chilango, who have seen an average monthly revenue increase of £2k.

Ben Chesser, chief executive of Codilink, said: It not only helps manage the myriad of new ways of reaching customers such as Facebook, mobile coupons and group buying, but it also gives retailers guidance and ideas of how to do it best. We’re really delighted with the great feedback and ideas we’ve got over the last 6 months with our beta clients, and can’t wait to open Footfall123 up to the whole market.”

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