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Schorschbock takes BrewDog's title as world’s strongest beer

By Becky Paskin , 02-Feb-2010

Schorschbock has become the world's strongest beer with an ABV of 40%

Schorschbock has become the world's strongest beer with an ABV of 40%

WEST, the independent brewery in Glasgow, has launched the Schorschbock, a 40% ABV beer that has taken the title of strongest beer in the world

Brewed by Schorschbrau, a craft brewer based in Oberasbach in Franconia, Germany, the Schorschbock will be available exclusively through WEST brewery with sales restricted to one measure per customer.


Petra Wetzel, founder of WEST, said: “Due to its exceptional strength and rarity, we are restricting sales of Schorschbock. The beer has a totally unique flavour that will appeal to any beer connoisseur.”


In November last year, Scottish brewery BrewDog created what was then the world’s strongest beer with its Tactical Nuclear Penguin brew, which contained an ABV of 32 per cent. At the time, BrewDog warned drinkers to limit consumption of the drink to spirit-sized measures.

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