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Tabletop mobile phone charger claims to increase customer loyalty

By Becky Paskin , 20-Jul-2011

A new portable device charger has been designed specifically for restaurants and bars to allow guests to conveniently charge their phone, camera or mp3 player at their table.

Designed by Italian manufacturer Livio Enterprises, the CharLi is a rechargeable power station that allows multiple charging of mobile devices at any one time, helping to deliver customer loyalty and value.

Operators will need to dock the CharLi in its own charging station for six to eight hours before being ready to deliver up to 50 mobile phone and camera recharges itself.

The CharLi features five retractable cables offering connection to the most popular devices available, as well as a USB connector, although cable adaptors can be easily substituted.

To avoid overuse and to save energy, the CharLi automatically discontinues its power supply to devices that are fully charged.

Operators using the CharLi will be provided with window POS and online promotional material.

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