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Young's launches healthier breadcrumbed fish range for children

By Emma Eversham , 19-Jul-2012
Last updated on 19-Jul-2012 at 17:16 GMT2012-07-19T17:16:37Z

Seafood company Young's has launched a range of breaded fish products designed for children which claim to be lower in fat than similar products already on the market. 

Product details: 

The new 'Kids Just Love It' range, available under the Ross brand, uses the 'Lovet' process for its breadcrumb coating. Developed by Dutch producer Fishmasters, the breadcrumb coating is manufactured in a way that does not require pre-frying, which leads to the end product being up to 70 per cent lower in fat than other pre-fried products. The products all feature Young's sustainably sourced fish.

Young's currently has eight products in this range: Breaded Cod Fillet Fish Fingers, Breaded Cod Mince Fish Fingers, Breaded MSC Omega3 White Fish Fillet Fish Fingers, Breaded MSC Omega3 White Fish Mince Fish Fingers, Breaded MSC Omega3 Salmon Mince Fish Fingers, Breaded MSC Omega3 White Fish Mince Fish Cakes, Breaded MSC Omega3 White Fish Mince Portion and Breaded MSC Omega3 Jumbo White Fish Fillet Fish Fingers.


The products are not only lower in fat, but Young's claims they also have better flavour and a crispier coating than other


Will depend on stockists and size of order. 


Available from usual wholesalers, but for more details about stockists and the products visit , email or call 07917 261403.

Why should you buy it?:

The range was initially launched for use in schools to help reach educational guidelines. However, as restaurants and pubs come under increasing pressure to bring in healthier options for customers too, Young's has decided to make the range available to them too. Therefore, for outlets looking to put lower fat options on children's menus without changing them too much, this is a viable option. 

Simon Clarke, foodservice group director at Young’s Seafood, said: "The dual benefit of not pre-frying the product during the production process, along with the unique innovation of the Lovet coating, means that the new range has less fat, more taste and our crispiest coating ever – all of which are crucial for menus aimed at children. The specially developed coating creates an even, golden colour with a crispy consistency which not only looks great, but also helps to give the fish an even greater holding time.”

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