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Hospitality bosses have high emotional intelligence, are self-motivated and can build good teams, says new study

By Peter Ruddick , 31-Aug-2012
Last updated on 31-Aug-2012 at 14:49 GMT2012-08-31T14:49:04Z

A new study conducted by HVS Executive Search has revealed trends in skills and character traits among hospitality chief executives including the high score in emotional intelligence and positivity these individuals tend to have.

Using a so-called proprietary assessment tool, developed specifically for the hospitality industry, the global executive search firm analysed ten performance traits of 420 hospitality leaders from around the world including chief executives and managing directors.

The research shows hospitality leaders are typically optimistic, like to explore the unknown, believe in their ability to positively influence outcomes and are good at dealing with change. 

Thomas Mielke, HVS Executive Search associate director and author of the report, said they also tended to like a challenge and were task-oriented. "An overview of the skill sets, behaviours, abilities and character traits that are highly likely in a leader of a hospitality organisation gives us a real insight when it comes to recruiting successors that are a good personality match for a company."

"This technique, used as a part of our complete recruitment process, also enables us to identify the type of person who is likely to succeed as a future leader of this sector," he added.