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Mickey Finn Irish-American apple infused whiskey launches with support of Golden Boot marketing campaign

By Emma Eversham , 12-Jun-2012

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Irish spirits distributor BABCO Europe is launching its Irish-American apple-infused whiskey - Mickey Finn - in the UK with the support of a £2.5m 'Golden Boot' marketing campaign.

Mickey Finn Apple Whiskey Liquor has a sweeter and lighter taste than traditional whiskey

Mickey Finn Apple Whiskey Liquor has a sweeter and lighter taste than traditional whiskey

The promotional campaign for the new spirit will run during Euro 2012 and will see limited edition golden boot bottles distributed to a select number of Irish pubs and sports bars in the UK and the rest of Europe as well as support via a dedicated website and social media.

Mickey Finn Apple Whiskey Liquor (35% ABV) is a blend of micro-distilled Irish whiskey and young American grain whiskey which has been aged for 40 months in charred white oak barrels. The blend is then shipped in apple cider barrels infusing the flavour of natural apple.

Packaged in 50cl and 70cl bottles, the flavoured whiskey has a lighter taste than traditional whiskeys with the apple providing subtle sweetness. The suggested serve is as a short on the rocks, or with a standard mixer, but it would also work well in a whiskey-based cocktail. 

BABCO Europe chief executive Mark Wilson said the new drink had been launched in response to growing demand for flavoured whiskeys. 

he said: “From gins to whiskeys, flavoured varieties of class spirits are growing in popularity, thus proving the need for innovation. There is a demand for an alternative to the classic liquors. Due to its lower strength and sweeter notes, we believe it’s the ideal drink for those who are discovering whiskey for the first time or looking for something a little different.”


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