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Brian Wogan launches Mytea gourmet tea range

By Luke Nicholls , 14-Jun-2012
Last updated on 27-Jun-2012 at 10:43 GMT2012-06-27T10:43:21Z

South West independent coffee roaster Brian Wogan has launched Mytea - a gourmet range of teas in silky mesh pyramids, available to all UK restaurants, hotels and bars. 

The Mytea range of flavours includes chamomile, English breakfast, red berry mix, earl grey leaf, Yunnan green, and chai.

"The real tea revolution is in full swing and Mytea epitomises everything it represents,” said Adrian Wogan, director of Brian Wogan. “MyTea is encapsulated in special biodegradable silky mesh tea pyramids. 

“They contain only the finest whole leaves or berries with no 'tea dust' in sight (a common additive to bulk out traditional tea bags).”

Brian Wogan aims to capitalise on the burgeoning market of consumers seeking the health benefits of drinking tea, with a focus on higher quality products and true provenance.

‘Intensely personal’

Mytea is a sub-brand created for Brian Wogan by Michael Greenland, owner of Greenland Studio. Greenland explained the thought process behind the name and design of Mytea.

“The inspiration behind Mytea was to highlight the high-quality teas that are produced by Brian Wogan Ltd in a personal way,” he said. “Tea drinkers, coffee drinkers - in fact anyone drinking beverages are finding that their choices are intensely personal.

“Years ago, we suffered a lack of choice. Today, in the era of 'personal', we're all looking for the perfect blend, the right taste. And our choice of drink is now a true reflection of our personality.

“We drink in tribes - but we're increasingly finding our own roles within those tribes. Mytea offers a full range of teas for many different palates.”

Brian Wogan also has also a range of loose teas in 100g heat sealed packs to maintain freshness. Flavours of which include Assam, earl grey, English breakfast, rooibos and green tea.

The whole range of Mytea teas are available to buy online at .

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