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Cream Supplies' Bradley Smoker

By Luke Nicholls , 26-Jun-2012
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Cream Supplies' Bradley Smokers are fed by ‘bisquettes’ which the user inserts into a feeding tube attached to the smoke generator

Cream Supplies' Bradley Smokers are fed by ‘bisquettes’ which the user inserts into a feeding tube attached to the smoke generator

Cream Supplies has added the Bradley Smoker range to its range of kitchen equipment, allowing chefs to smoke food for less than £1 an hour.

Product details:

The insulated, self-generated Bradley Smokers are fed by ‘bisquettes’, which the user inserts into a feeding tube attached to the smoke generator.

Each bisquette burns for 20 minutes and then drops into a water bowl, eliminating gasses, acids and resins which can often distort the flavour of smoked food.

The spent bisquettes are then automatically replaced and once the last inserted brisquette is used, the smoke generator stops.


The Bradley Smoker makes ‘clean tasting’ food without any aftertaste. While other smokers need to be constantly tended, the Bradley Smoker will function, without any need for monitoring, for up to eight hours.

The smoke generated by the smoke generator carries only minimal heat. Therefore, when hot smoking is required, an independently controlled internal heating element can be set to any temperature up to a maximum of 160°C. This function also allows the smoking chamber to double up as a slow cooker or slow roasting oven.

Conversely, when truly cold smoke is required, the Cold Smoking Adaptor can be fitted. This distances the smoke generator from the smoking chamber and allows the smoke to cool to an ambient temperature.


Prices start at just £299.99 for the Original Smoker, ranging up to £459.98 for the 6-Rack Digital Smoker (inc. VAT).


The Bradley Smoker range is available now and can be purchased direct from Cream Supplies, online at


For finer control over the smoking process, there are two digital models, with programming to control the cabinet temperature, the cooking time and a separate control for the duration of smoking time.

Additional information:

The dimensions (w,d,h):

Original 4 Rack Smoker - 430 x 360 x 790mm

4 Rack Digital Smoker - 510 x 460 x 860mm

6 Rack Digital Smoker - 510 x 460 x 1070mm

The bisquettes are simply hardwood chippings that are bound together by pressure The flavour of the smoke is determined by the variety of wood being burned.

Flavours available include: Alder, Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, Oak, Pecan and Special Blend.

Other products on the market:

Catering equipment manufacturer Imperial recently launched the FWW Cook and Hold Oven featuring a smoking facility. The oven, which has 12 pre-set menu selections, allows caterers to smoke meat, fish and vegetables and bake, brown and roast ingredients, in addition to its slow cooking and holding capacity.

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