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Dynamic expands stick blender range with two longer-length products

By Peter Ruddick , 15-Aug-2012
Last updated on 15-Aug-2012 at 17:14 GMT2012-08-15T17:14:53Z

Dynamic has added two new products to its range of stick blenders - both with longer shafts allowing them to be used in deep kitchen pots

Dynamic has added two new products to its range of stick blenders - both with longer shafts allowing them to be used in deep kitchen pots

Catering manufacturer Dynamic has extended its range of stick blenders with two products with longer shafts or mixer attachments that increase the length beyond the industry standard.

Product details:

Like the entire range of stick blenders, which Dynamic has been manufacturing since 1964, the Dynamic Senior Mixer XL and Dynamic Junior Mixer Plus XL both feature a titanium-coated blade to ensure the blenders can mix a range of kitchen ingredients from root vegetables to nuts or ice.

Both blenders have detachable mixers which can be removed for easy cleaning and washing without damaging the motor. The removable part also has a double-lip seal to make it as waterproof as possible.

The Dynamic Senior Mixer XL has a blend capacity of 20-40 litres, weighs 2.6kg and the manufacturer says is perfect for soup and mashed vegetables. The Dynamic Junior Mixer Plus XL is designed for cafés or kitchens where smaller quantities are needed. It weighs just 2kg and can be used to liquidise soups which are made to order - it has a blend capacity of up to 25 litres.

Both products also feature variable speeds and a safety switch allowing chefs to keep their hands far away from the blades.


The newest Junior model in the Dynamic range is now available with an extended mixer attachment with a shaft length of 300mm and the latest addition to the Senior range has a 400mm shaft length.

This means both products are now longer than, or can be extended beyond, the industry standard length allowing them to be used in large-scale catering options or in deeper pots.


The Dynamic Senior Mixer XL is available in the UK for £339.99 while the Junior Mixer Plus XL costs £399.99.


Both products were launched in the UK this month after first being available in France in March. They can both be purchased from catering supplier Nisbets.

Why should you buy it?

A spokesperson for Nisbets said: "With their instantly recognisable bright orange bodies and renowned reputation for their reliability, Dynamic products are a ‘must-have’ piece of equipment. Suitable for use in any catering environment, caterers can use these durable blenders to create creamy soups, smooth batter mixes and homemade sauces; as well as to make vegetable and fruit purees."

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