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Nespresso launches Zenius: Most 'technologically advanced' coffee machine

By Peter Ruddick , 29-Jun-2012
Last updated on 29-Jun-2012 at 11:02 GMT2012-06-29T11:02:25Z

Nespresso has launched Zenius, an automated coffee machine it says is its most 'technologically advanced' to date, to the UK market.

Product details:

Zenius is the latest machine from the Nestlé-owned brand. The Switzerland-based company has developed a machine which contains the capsule technology it has pioneered but that is able to connect remotely to help users replenish their coffee supply.


Zenius is the first Nespresso machine with remote connectivity - it has the ability to connect and communicate directly with the customer relationship team at Nespresso. It uses SIM card and capsule recognition technology that allows Nespresso to automatically replenish customers' Grand Crus coffee capsules.


£299 plus VAT.


The entire Nespresso range for professional use is available to view and order online  or by calling the Nespresso Business Solutions team on 0808 100 88 44.


As well as the eight Grands Crus capsules designed for business customers, various accessories are available to accompany the Nespresso Zenius including cups, saucers and spoons, milk solutions to heat and froth, capsule dispensers and individual servings of milk, sugar and chocolate.

Why should you buy it?

Brema Drohan, UK and Ireland managing director of Nespresso UK said: “Zenius is fast and efficient, heating water to the optimum temperature for coffee in just 35 seconds and incorporates an automatic power off function in order to maximise efficiency and save on energy."

"It allows customers to enjoy the eight varieties of exceptional Grands Crus designed exclusively for business customers ranging from mild and aromatic to full-bodied and intense."

"Major brands and exclusive establishments now recognise the value that Nespresso machines add to their customers’ experience, in terms of coffee quality, service and brand cohesion," she said.

Sketch, Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck, The Pig hotel in the New Forest and Brett Graham's The Ledbury are among the hospitality businesses now using Nespresso machines.

Other products on the market:

  • Last year Nespresso launched its first professional-only coffee machine - Aguila .
  • Earlier this year Nestlé Professional introduced the Viaggi barista-style beverage system to the UK. 
  • Nespresso also continues to offer its original Gemini range of machines.

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