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Standex FSE brings CombiKing ovens to the UK

By Emma Eversham , 09-May-2012

The CombiKings range comes in five different sizes

The CombiKings range comes in five different sizes

Standex Food Service Equipment (FSE) has brought a new comprehensive range of combi ovens to the UK under the CombiKing brand.

The CombiKing ovens, manufactured by Italian company, Giorik S.p.A., include gas and electric models at a range of levels for kitchens with varying needs and are available in five sizes, from six to 20 grid. 

Ovens are programmed digitally with operators able to programme and save necessary cooking phases for different dishes via the touch screen controllers. Each programme can include up to nine sequences. 

Key benefits of the range for chefs include increased efficiency, as the ovens heat up and cool down quickly. The shorter cooking times also give chefs and and operators additional opportunities for menu expansion. 

Ovens also include the patent-pending METEO control system which enables constant monitoring and regulation of humidity for improved cooking and reduced water consumption. 

When it comes to cleaning, rack guides and the fan cover plate can be removed and all models also include a water spray hose, or operators can opt for an automated cleaning system if they wish to.

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