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Dr Oetker taps into The Great British Bake Off trend with refreshed range of icing, marzipan and coverings

By Peter Ruddick , 04-Sep-2012
Last updated on 04-Sep-2012 at 10:33 GMT2012-09-04T10:33:27Z

Dr Oetker Foodservice has refreshed its range of icings, marzipan and coverings for caterers and hospitality buyers looking to take advantage of the growing popularity of cakes and baking as a result of the Royal Wedding and The Great British Bake Off TV show.

Product details:

The range now includes Regal Ice ready-to-roll icing in white, natural and golden marzipan and a range of chocolate flavour coverings.

The icing is already popular with home bakers and sets firmly on cakes while cutting cleanly and easily. Meanwhile the two varieties of marzipan are designed for modelling figurines or decorations as well as for covering cakes and making confectionery. It has a high consistency and is smooth so does not break when rolled out or handled.


Also available from the UK foodservice arm of the Germany-based manufacturer is a range of chocolate flavour coverings in milk, white and dark chocolate. These are designed for use in cakes, cupcakes and tray bakes and provide a glossy finish in a range of applications but are cheaper and easier to use than 'real' chocolate and melt quickly without burning.


The price for each of the Dr Oetker Foodservice baking products can differ depending on the size and type of order - caterers are advised to contact their nearest Dr Oetker Foodservice wholesaler.


The Regal Ice ready-to-roll icing is available in six-packs of 1kg packets as is the marzipan. The chocolate flavour coverings are available in milk and dark flavour in 20-packs of 750g bars as well as six-packs of 3kg packets of drops which can be purchased in all three flavours.

Why should you buy it?

Cheryll Snowdon, executive head of foodservice for Dr. Oetker, said: "Our icings, marzipan and coverings are quick and easy, finishing touches for caterers who want to ‘bake their own’, but make life easier, whether they are making chocolate cake, the UK’s favourite cake, fruit cake, which holds the second spot, or even a Battenberg."

"Tapping into the latest trends, the Dr. Oetker range helps to make life easier for the 59 per cent of foodservice operators across the industry that offer cakes as snacks, but also those who plan to introduce cakes this year to profit from a growing UK snack market."

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