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Nestlé Professional Chef adds brown stock to Chef Flakes range

By Luke Nicholls , 19-Jan-2012

Nestlé Professional Chef has unveiled the newest edition to its Jus en flocons (Flakes) range – Chef Flakes Brun Lié, a thinkened brown stock which can be used as a base for all brown sauces.

The new product is an extension to the Flakes range which launched last year . The range aims to combine the convenience of a dry product with the quality needed for professional cooking.


“Chef Flakes represent hundreds of hours of innovation,” said Emma Walker, Chef category businesses lead at Nestlé Professional. It really is a new generation of convenience products that will not only allow chefs to deliver the finest sauces but will help them to create a total sensory experience in texture, flavour and taste.


“We know that chefs are under extraordinary pressure to deliver exceptional quality every time and that means our products must match their high standards. This brand new range combines the convenience of a dry product with the quality needed to deliver consistently excellent and exciting dishes.”


The distinctive ‘flake’ shape of the product ensures both premium end quality and operational benefits for chefs: it dissolves quicker and better than powder while enabling chefs to prepare more than jus.


By chefs for chefs


Chef Flakes Fonds Brun Lié is made from quality ingredients and boasts a high meat content which guarantees intense and authentic flavours. Its unique format is more versatile than powder and is ideal for adding colour, flavour and texture to pastry, pannés, jellies, marinades soups and stews.


“At Chef, we constantly strive to develop our product range, using the highest quality raw ingredients to deliver the most authentic tastes,” added Walker. “The Chef range is created by chefs for chefs.”


The Flakes is available in 550g packs with a yield of up to20 litres and costs between £0.65 and £0.85 per litre depending on your wholesaler. The Chef Flakes range also offers six jus: veal, beef, lamb, chicken, duck and pork.


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