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Plusfood launches new recipe chicken steaks and nuggets

By Peter Ruddick , 10-Jul-2012
Last updated on 10-Jul-2012 at 10:50 GMT2012-07-10T10:50:17Z

Poultry foodservice supplier Plusfood has relaunched its chicken steaks and chicken nuggets with a new recipe

Poultry foodservice supplier Plusfood has relaunched its chicken steaks and chicken nuggets with a new recipe

Poultry supplier Plusfood has relaunched its breaded chicken steaks and battered chicken nuggets for the foodservice trade with a new, improved recipe.

Product details:

The company has developed a new batter recipe which it says adds extra crunch and flavour. With a 'light, crispy golden batter', the nuggets and steaks are flash fried, fully cooked and individually quick-frozen for convenience.

Plusfood, a member of the worldwide food company BRF Group, produces both the nuggets and steaks at a new factory in Oosterwolde, Netherlands. The recent opening of the facility has, Plusfood said, made sure the manufacture is local to UK and European markets increasing efficiency and foodservice supply.


Both products are available as Halal and are free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and lactose. The nuggets can be cooked from frozen in as little as 3 minutes if deep frying, shallow frying takes around 8 minutes and oven baking 10-12 minutes at 200°C. Steaks can be deep fried in just 4 minutes, shallow fried in around 10 minutes or oven cooked in approximately 15 minutes.


Cost of both products differs depending on the size or nature of the order.


Plusfood chicken nuggets weigh approximately 20g per nugget and are available in a 2kg pack of 100 nuggets while the steaks weigh 85g and are available in a 2.04kg pack which contains approximately 24 steaks. The entire Plusfood range can be ordered by contacting the sales team via the company website.

Why should you buy it?

A Plusfood spokesperson said: "The new improved batter recipe adds extra crunch and flavour to these classic favourites which are popular with adults and children. Made from quality chicken breast fillet to ensure maximum texture and taste, both the steaks and nuggets are perfect for busy caterers who want to produce tasty food when time is limited."

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