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It’s no secret that burgers are big business. And with the UK out of home burger market expected to be worth £3.8billion by 2020, there’s no sign that the UK’s love affair with burgers is going away anytime soon.

It’s also no secret, however, that it’s a competitive space. From pubs to full service restaurants to high street chains and independent street food outlets, everyone’s looking for a slice of the burger market. So how can you make your everyday burger stand out from the crowd – and turn it into something a diner will be willing to pay more for?

The answer lies in using the best quality ingredients which allow customers to create and customise their own burgers – starting with exceptional cheeses.

The Lactalis Professional range of cheese brands and products can turn the everyday Burger into something exceptional.

Lactalis is the worldwide leader in the dairy industry, with a portfolio of brands including Président, Galbani, Seriously Strong and Lubborn Creamery.

With flavours and textures that only come with using high quality ingredients, take your burger menu to the next level with their range of authentic branded cheeses.
To help you get started, they’ve pulled together a handy guide containing five delicious and unique burger recipes. Each recipe takes everyday classics and give them an on-trend, gourmet twist, resulting in dishes with exceptional flavour profiles.

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