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BarJock launched to help pubs feature 'live' DJs for less money

By Emma Eversham , 21-Aug-2012
Last updated on 21-Aug-2012 at 10:09 GMT2012-08-21T10:09:03Z

BarJock offers an alternative to live DJs

BarJock offers an alternative to live DJs

Entertainment system provider CoverJock has developed a new service called BarJock which allows pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels to play music introduced by a well-known DJ without paying large fees. 

Product details: 

BarJock allows venues to play specially selected music and music videos introduced by a well-known DJ. Business owners can choose the DJ they want, the music and the order they wish it to play in. The idea is to allow pubs and bars to offer a 'live' DJ experience to customers without paying out for a professional DJ. Venues can also add on promotional or standard announcements to the system, such as details of a 2-for-1 drinks promotion or a call for last orders. 


CoverJock believes the system provides consistency because venues don't have to take on DJs who may have an 'off night', could be late or not turn up. The service also provides the bar owner with management and statistic reports at the end of each session to keep them up to date on usage information to help them recognise trends and identify areas for improvement. 


£5 per day. CoverJock is also offering a free 30 day trial for new customers. 


Through a network of agents on a month by month contract. 

Why you should buy it:

According to PRS for Music, venues with a DJ can increase their takings by as much as 44 per cent. CoverJock says its service could allow businesses to do just that without a hefty outlay. 

"Our customers love that Barjock offers them the choice of some of the best club DJs voices from North America, Europe and beyond at a price that is very cost effective for them," said CoverJock chief executive Neil Charrington. 

More information:

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