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Interview with Langan’s Chef Founder Richard Shepherd

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After more than 30 years, the legendary Langan's Brasserie, situated just off Piccadilly, continues to go from strength to strength. Part of the Langan’s Group of Restaurants, including Langan’s Bistro, Odin’s and Shepherd’s, Langan’s Brasserie has long been one of the leading lights in London’s restaurant scene. Set-up by Peter Langan, Richard Shepherd and of course famously Michael Cain, it has become renowned for its great food as much as its impressive art collection and eclectic decor.

Serving their unique Anglo/French style of cuisine, Langan’s remains one of London's top eateries where celebrities, journalists, artists, advertising executives and creatives rub shoulders with each other. With a reputation as impressive as this there is huge pressure to deliver and maintain standards for both regular patrons, new customers, and of course the ever present food critics.

As one of the first British chefs to win a Michelin star, Richard Shepherd, Chef Founder of Langan’s, demands the highest standards. Having worked with PSL for just over a year he has joined the ranks of leading restaurateurs who have seen the results that PSL can deliver, and regard them as an important partner when it comes to purchasing and back of house operations.

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