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Bleep launches eMenu, touch screen alternative to paper menus

By Peter Ruddick , 17-Jul-2012
Last updated the 17-Jul-2012 at 12:00 GMT

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EPoS designer and manufacturer Bleep UK has teamed up with hospitality touch screen manufacturer Conceptic Touch UK to launch eMenu, an interactive touch screen menu and ordering app designed to replace traditional paper menus in restaurants.

EPoS designer and manufacturer Bleep UK has launched eMenu, a touch screen ordering application to replace traditional paper menus

EPoS designer and manufacturer Bleep UK has launched eMenu, a touch screen ordering application to replace traditional paper menus

Product details:

As well as offering a restaurant's full menu on a tablet touch screen with descriptions, details and photos, the eMenu offers diners ordering and interactive entertainment services. It connects with the Bleep UK EPoS technology to allow customers to place orders from their table.

eMenu gives restaurants the capacity to include all calorie, allergy and nutritional details on the touch screen menu in a simpler way than their paper peers. The UK-based company says the product gives restaurants increased efficiency, reduced labour costs, can increase customer spend and puts distance between hospitality businesses and their competitors.


The entire menu on the touch screen can be amended remotely and online automatically. The product can accommodate large chains but allows local variations to the menu and uniquely links with the Bleep EPoS system allowing significant advances in self-service ordering.


On top of a one-off set-up fee of £600, the monthly license, maintenance and support costs £260 a month for up to 25 eMenus in a single site plus an optional iPad rental charge.


To discuss the product or the entire Bleep UK range contact Ross Weszka, marketing manager, on 07795 814 615 or .

Why should you buy it?

Serge Kulisic, managing director of Bleep UK, said: "We are proud to partner with Touch UK and integrate their eMenu application directly to Bleep Terminals. Our aims of innovation and enhancing the customer experience are shared, which is why we are confident that eMenu, as part of a Bleep EPOS solution will quickly take off in the hospitality environment."

The company also says the multi-lingual product can:

  • Boost sales by 15 to 20 per cent on average
  • Influence which items people order
  • Generate efficiencies and cost savings
  • Be a platform for promoting dishes, events or sponsorship

Similar products on the market:

QikServe, an app that allows diners to view a restaurant menu, order food and drinks for their specific table and pay the bill using their own smartphone, was launched in the UK last month .

More information:


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