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Electronic warning sign helps control pub noise levels

By Becky Paskin , 21-Dec-2009

The SoundSign by Cirrus

The SoundSign by Cirrus

An electronic, noise-activated warning sign has been launched to help pub and restaurant operators keep noise levels within acceptable limits

Launched by Cirrus Research, SoundSign can help operators in residential areas keep noise from both inside and outside their establishment down, in order to stay within environmental noise regulations.


James Tingay, group marketing manager for Cirrus Research, said the SoundSign can help reduce the effort needed by staff to control noise.


“The sound sign can be used in pubs to inform punters and staff when acceptable noise levels are exceeded. Up to three Remote Display Units can be quickly and simply connected to the Master Unit, mirroring the action and information of the controlling Sound Sign.”


A new weatherproof version has also been launched for use in beer gardens and outdoor smoking areas.

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