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Priava launches cloud-based venue and event management system

By Peter Ruddick , 27-Jul-2012
Last updated on 27-Jul-2012 at 11:24 GMT2012-07-27T11:24:28Z

Priava has launched an eponymous product designed to help venues, including hospitality businesses, manage events and room bookings via a cloud-based system.

Product details:

Priava is designed for ease of use. It allows users to manage bookings and venue resources with minimum training in an easy user interface. Businesses can plan events and menus using the system. It also allows the ability to track enquiries and manage sales as it also includes a CRM platform.


Unlike other room booking and venue management systems, Priava is a cloud-based solution which the manufacturer says leads to increased reliability, security and allows teams to access it from any internet connected personal computer. 


Cost for businesses can differ but Priava claims when replacing an on-premise venue and event management system installed on a local network, the cloud-based Priava can offer a 50 per cent reduction in costs efficiency savings that will deliver almost 60 per cent in productivity savings.


The product was available from last month online or by contacting the sales team on 0845 0744 250 or .

Why should you buy it?

James Pegum, chief executive of Priava said: "We believe Priava will set the standard of usability, technology and functionality in the venue and events software market globally."

More information:

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