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Sometimes it isn't possible to get everything across in one article. On Trust Mico you choose first whether to recommend (or not) then a comment box appears where you can write your reasons for recommending (eg. great place for kids, try the rioja!). If you have recommended the business, then this comment can be seen by your friends and contacts (people registered on the site who are connected to you on LinkedIn and F/B).

You hit a really important facet of Trust Mico here though, and that is how we deal with a restaurant owner recommending himself on the site. Although you can see total numbers of public recommendations for a business, the purpose of the site is for you to find, simply and easily, the restaurants, bars, pubs, etc recommended by people you know (friends of friends coming soon). Unless you are connected to the restaurant owner by F/B or on LinkedIn, his recommendation should not affect you.

Posted by Alex Small
27 October 2011 | 12h25

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