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I am currently in dispute with Trip Advisor over a blatant attempt to denigrate our business . The question is -does Trip Advisor have the right to post every bad review submitted to them without thoroughly investigating both its source and the authenticity of its content? Answer no! It is patently obvious that Trip Advisor is 100% guilty of causing businesses to go under because of its total lack of any sort of responsibility towards companies who are genuinely doing a really good job. In any other business arena this behaviour would result in Trip Advisor having to face a huge corporate law suit instead of which they consistently avoid any sort of confrontation by simply ignoring the protests of property owners who have been abused and vilified by warped and mentally unstable mischief-makers. If a company providing hospitality has genuinely behaved badly towards a customer it should be given the chance first to defend itself and second to rectify its alleged misdemeanour before any derogatory report is posted on the internet. I should like to challenge Trip Advisor in a court of law and I am currently taking legal advice as to how to apply the UK's libel laws in respect of the false reporting posted by an author calling themselves "musntgrumble".

Posted by Mike Pemberton
16 December 2011 | 22h44

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