Looking to leave your existing site and assign the lease to another business owner? Follow Paul Davey's six steps to assigning a lease first to avoid any frustrations


Six steps to assigning a restaurant or pub lease

By Paul Davey

Paul Davey, managing director of Davey Co, talks through how restaurant and pub owners can assign the lease on their properties if they want to move on. 

Guy Arnold says there is never a 'bad review'


How to turn a negative review into a positive experience

By Guy Arnold

Guy Arnold, managing director of Sales Through Service, shares his four top tips to avoiding negative reviews of your business online and suggests how to turn them into a positive experience if you do.

Gregor Ritchie gives advice on where to start if you want to create the perfect luxury venue


How to create an 'upscale' five star hotel

By Gregor Ritchie

Gregor Ritchie, principal at Optimum Hotel & Leisure Management, co-founder and head of consultancy at Exclusive Hotel Management and member of Hospitality Experts, gives his advice on undertaking strategic planning of businesses and upgrading properties...

The planning process for country houses is now more complex, involving the landscape, trees and ecology says Nick Childs. Photo: Thinkstock/iStock/iSidhe


How to secure planning to convert a country house into a hotel

By Nick Childs

Nick Childs, founding partner of Childs & Sulzmann Architects and member of the Hospitality Experts, gives advice on obtaining planning permission to convert country houses or other historical buildings into hotels.

Dish Deconstructed: Beef Wellington

Dish Deconstructed: Beef Wellington

By Liam Garrahan

BigHospitality's Dish Deconstructed series goes behind the scenes at Tom's Kitchen with executive chef Richard O'Connell as he shows us how to make a Beef Wellington.

What are legal tip policies?

Five tips for managing tips

By Emma Eversham

With tipping practices back in the spotlight, BigHospitality speaks to Lydia Christie, senior associate at law firm Howard Kennedy who suggests five ways restaurant groups can check that their policies are legal and fair. 

How to move into event catering


How to move into event catering

By Richard Groves

Richard Groves, group new business development director at Smart Group, gives tips on how chefs and restaurateurs can successfully move into event catering. 

Image: iStock/Thinkstock


How to create happiness in the workforce

By Saurav Chopra

Saurav Chopra, chief executive and co-founder of Perkbox discusses the importance of having happy employees and suggests ways to achieve a happy workforce.

How to deal with fake online reviews


How to deal with fake online reviews

By Emma Eversham

Nigel Tait, managing partner at law firm Carter-Ruck, discusses the steps pub, restaurant and hotel owners can take when faced with fake or libellous online reviews.

Stuart Darlington has written a practical guide for hospitality operators to ensure they are fully prepared before signing a commercial lease


How to avoid costly hidden liabilities when acquiring a lease

By Stuart Darlington

Stuart Darlington, partner real estate at Michael Simkins LLP and author of A Tenant’s Practical Guide to Commercial Leases, talks through the steps operators should follow when acquiring a commercial lease. 

Organise customer data to achieve a Single Customer View and you'll be able to serve your customers at the right time in the right way, says Celerity's Jason Lark


How to create a Single Customer View

By Jason Lark

Jason Lark, managing director of data marketing company Celerity gives three quick and easy tips on achieving a Single Customer View (SCV) which can help in better understanding of your customers and their habits. 


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