Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

Our panel of industry experts give their top tips on a range of topics, from marketing to operations and staffing, to help you run a better business. 

Avoid the headache of accident claims by making sure you are prepared to deal with them if they arise


How to deal with an accident claim from a customer

Roddy Macleod, partner and head of the commercial insurance team at Weightmans outlines where you stand if a customer tries to sue for an accident that happened on your premises, but you don't think your busness is responsible.

Dealing with food and other waste in the right way could save your business money


How to cut waste disposal costs

Most hospitality businesses strive to operate sustainably and cut their waste, but if waste disposal costs increase then the financial strain could outweigh the environmental benefits. Eoin Harris, senior practioner at the National Industrial Symbiosis...

There are several ways you can ensure you receive email bookings via your website


How to turn website visits into bookings

Chris Wood, social media specialist at Q Social Media Ltd, gives one reader advice on how to turn visits to his hotel website into bookings and valid enquiries.

Thorough communication with your bank is crucial to securing business funding


How to secure funding for your hospitality business

In today’s environment, how can a growing business be sure that it’s in the best possible position to secure much-needed financing? Mike Saul, Head of Hospitality and Leisure at Barclays Corporate explains how to access finance in the changing world of...

Changes to staff shifts are restricted by contractual terms

Ask the Experts

What are employer and employee rights when management changes?

Management change in the hospitality sector often comes along with a new approach to employee shifts and benefits. But what rights do employers and employees have in this situation? Caroline Essex, employment specialist at the law firm Davenport Lyons,...

A well-prepared and well-researched business plan is crucial to secure funding

Ask the Experts

How to write an effective business plan

With most banks seeing hospitality as a high risk sector, a business plan is a critical document that potential lenders will interrogate in depth. Shirley Smith, a partner at hospitality business advisers Reeves, highlights key points that will improve...

E-procement makes ordering simpler and faster

How to beat the challenges of e-procurement

E-procurement can be quite daunting for businesses used to traditional telephone ordering. But with an open mind and the right know-how to overcome the challenges, e-procurement can have great benefits for your business. Christian Berthelsen, CTO at Fourth...

How to increase bookings through a hotel website

How to increase bookings through a hotel website

With 45 per cent of all hotel bookings currently made on the internet, it is more important than ever for hotels to optimise their online presence. Sam Trainor-Buckingham, marketing director at Ignite Hospitality tells BigHospitality readers how they...

Don't lose sight of opportunities during periods of tough trading


How to survive periods of low trading

Richard Moore, director of consultancy CBRE Hotels EMEA, tells BigHospitality readers how they can steer their hospitality business through periods of low economic growth and adverse trading conditions.

The indifference of one employee is the biggest reason that businesses lose customers


How to best measure customer service

Jules Murray, of sales and customer service consultants Spider on the Wall tells BigHospitality how restaurants, pubs and hotels can measure customer service in the most cost-effective and beneficial way.

Health & Safety: Keep the flow of food in mind when designing your kitchen


Health & safety tips for kitchen refurbishment

BigHospitality shares top tips from Mark Harrington, CEO at health and safety consultants Check Safety First, on what you should keep in mind when refurbishing your kitchen so you tick all health and safety boxes.

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