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The Importance of Stocks

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The Importance of Stocks

Any chef worth their salt knows the importance of stock in delivering depth and balance of flavour in a dish.

Having the time and necessary skills to make stock from scratch, however, is a challenge, and chefs are now less precious about admitting they will call on help.

But, how can you be sure you choose the right​ stock?

This buying guide is designed to outline the role of stocks in foodservice, the different formats of stock on the market, and what to bear in mind when choosing stocks for use in a catering operation.

Whether you are a chef, a catering manager or a buyer, you want to be confident in your purchasing and use of this key ingredient.

Choosing the right stock, after all, gives your chefs the confidence and time to focus on their finished dishes for consistent results every time. Isn’t it time you took stock?

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