BHA opposes Westminster parking extension

By Emma Eversham

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Parking charges could be extended  to midnight in Westminster
Parking charges could be extended to midnight in Westminster
The British Hospitality Association voices its opposition to plans by Westminster City Council to extend car parking charges in the area to midnight Monday to Saturday.

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has voiced its opposition to plans by Westminster City Council (WCC) to extend car parking charges in the area to midnight Monday to Saturday.

Under council plans drivers would no longer be able to park for free in the borough after 6.30pm or leave cars on single yellow lines. It is also looking at increasing parking fees in some areas from £1.10 to £2.20

BHA Bob Cotton, chief executive, has written a letter to WCC deputy leader Robert Davis voicing the 'massive concerns' of restaurant and pub operators in the area.

He said: "This will damage jobs, investments and future prospects.

"Even though the Council needs to raise its revenues, increasing costs for the consumer in this way will damage the restaurant and retail industries at a very fragile time. This is not the way to go forward."

WCC said it was listening to all views of those who would be affected and would consult fully on the proposals before making any decisions.

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As a supporter of the…

Posted by Anonymous,

As a supporter of the "NO TO BIKE PARKING TAX" protest group which has been fighting against the introduction of a motorcycle parking TAX in WCC for over 12months. A policy thought up and imposed by WCC parking department, having stuck two finger up to the protests of over 7500 motorcycle and scooter riding commuters. A policy that is against their own Tory party transport policy and every other well read party and transport groups recommendations.That has resulted in WCC being investigated by, the EU,Office of Fair Trading, The district auditor, & pending court case. I had to have a little chuckle to my self, about the rest of the London WAKING UP TO WESTMINSTER CC CASH GRAB intentions.   But, I am big enough to get over such a childish moment.   Having been sneered at by the West End businesses (who were deceived into being angry by WCC parking department) for us "NTBPT" causing a bit of extra traffic, whilst trying to point out to the business of the west end that WCC would cause motorcycle and scooter riding visitor to go elsewhere to spend their leisure money and time.   I HAVE NOT SPENT ANY MONEY OR LEISURE TIME IN WEST MINSTER SINCE THEY IMPOSED THE MOTORCYCLE PARKING TAX SUM 18 MONTHS AGO, MEANING THAT I HAVE SPENT OVER £600 IN OTHER BOROUGHS, MANLY GREENWICH FOR THE MOVIES, DARTFORD BLUE WATER SHOPPING PLUS OTHER LOCATION, ALL WHO DO NOT CHARGE FOR PARKING. ALL FOR THE WANT OF MILKING £1 FROM ME.       It is now clear that WCC intends on increasing the parking charges, and the only people with an on going legal case is the NTBPT campaign, I would say that for your own business sector you have a choice, support us and back the legal challenge, OR do nothing and suffer as Hundreds of thousands if not millions of car driving customer go elsewhere, like I do.  Its against the law to use the road traffic act to generate a profit, which is the intention of their move, to push the time that they can give parking ticket for until midnight. But do not fear they have said to us "NTBPT" that our tax (bike parking tax) is revenue neutral so they will not be making a profit (as that would be against the law). So if they are not going to make extra money from increasing the charging time until midnight, why do it? Well the council might not declare a profit, you can bet THE COMPANY THAT RUNS THE PHONE SECTION OF THE BUSINESS "VERRUS" CORPORATION, WILL BE.   ASK WCC HOW MANY PENCE IN THE POUND YOU PAY IN A PARKING FEE/TICKET GOES TO THEM? I BET YOU DO NOT LIKE THE ANSWER. SAY NO TO WESTMINSTER CASH GRAB AND REMIND THEM WHO THEY WORK FOR.

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