‘Waspinator’ designed to keep wasps out of pub gardens

By Lorraine Heller

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The waspinator makes wasps think there is another wasp colony in the area
The waspinator makes wasps think there is another wasp colony in the area
An ecologically-friendly fake wasps’ nest is being promoted to pubs and bars with outdoor areas as an alternative way to ensure their premises are wasp-free in the summer months

The aptly-named ‘Waspinator’ is made of recyclable polypropylene, which is a grey, fibrous material, and is shaped like a wasp’s nest.

It is said to keep wasps away by making them think there is another wasp colony in the area, which they will steer clear of for fear of being attacked.

The product, which is being promoted as a chemical-free way of repelling wasps rather than killing them, has already won several awards in Europe and North America, including the Silver Award at the 2008 DIY and Garden Show at Earl's Court and at the Business Garden Show in Holland.

The patent-pending contraption is durable, easy to store and transport and is said to be tested and verified by independent entomologists.

Richard Piddocke, the man behind Waspinator, said: “The very best time to install a Waspinator in the garden is in the spring, when wasps start to build their nests for the season. Not only will it deter them from establishing a nest in the area, they will also be discouraged from visiting it to look for food and building materials too.

“This is of particular benefit if there is anything that may be really tempting to wasps such as fruit trees. Even if you leave it until the summer to install a Waspinator it will still keep wasps away unless there is a nest very close by.”

For more information, visit http://www.waspinator.co.uk

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