Rancilio launches Xcelsius for baristas to micro-manage coffee temperature

By Luke Nicholls

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Xcelsius allows baristas to match water temperature to individual coffees
Xcelsius allows baristas to match water temperature to individual coffees
Espresso machine manufacturer Rancilio has launched Xcelsius, a temperature-profiling system which allows baristas to micro-manage the brew temperature to within a tolerance of 0.1 degrees Celsius.

Xcelsius can have a big effect on the taste of the resulting coffee and will appeal particularly to coffee aficionados. It is initially available as an option on the Rancilio Classe 9 espresso machine and is distributed by The Coffee Machine Company.

“It is hard to believe that a slight temperature change can produce such noticeably different taste profiles,” said The Coffee Machine Company’s sales manager Bill Davy. “Skilled baristas are going to love experimenting with it.

“It gives them the opportunity to fine-tune their coffee to create the optimum taste. In particular, it suits the recent trend towards single origin coffees, which need temperature stability to bring out their best characteristics.

Ideal for baristas

The Xcelsius system is in effect a secondary, mini water boiler located in the group head. Brew groups can be independently programmed to deliver water either at a stable temperature throughout the brew cycle or to have the temperature increase or decrease whilst the brew is in progress.

This allows baristas to match the temperature of the water in the brew group to individual coffees in order to produce the best taste profile for that coffee.

“Certainly this is not a mass-market product,” added Davy. “But it will undoubtedly be a great hit with top baristas as they strive to produce an exact taste profile that they can replicate time after time.”

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