VAT cut on ski lift passes should be welcomed by hospitality industry, says Borel

By Emma Eversham

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Jacques Borel says plans to cut VAT on ski passes to 5 per cent should be welcomed by the industry
Jacques Borel says plans to cut VAT on ski passes to 5 per cent should be welcomed by the industry
Plans to cut VAT on ski lift passes in Scotland from 20 to 5 per cent next year could indicate that the Government wants to put the tourism and hospitality industries on a level playing field with those in Europe, according to a leading VAT campaigner for the hospitality industry. 

The move, which was among the small print of the Budget last month and is to be introduced sometime in 2013, brings the rate paid on ski passes in Scotland into line with the majority of Europe. 

Jacques Borel, leader of the hospitality industry campaign to reduce VAT to five per cent, said the move should be welcomed as it establishes the principle that VAT levels across the hospitality industry should be competitive with those paid in the rest of Europe, an argument he has put forward previously. 

He said: "We believe that the Government could create as many as 320,000 jobs by cutting VAT from 20 per cent to five per cent on food, drink and accommodation in the UK. I’m sure a VAT cut on ski lift passes will attract more visitors to the Scottish snowfields, but a wider VAT cut within the sector would be a vastly more potent stimulus for the economy.”

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Cut all very well but will prices actually fall?

Posted by Julian,

I welcome the Government's realisation that a reduction in VAT will help stimulate growth of important sectors of industry and increase employment. However, I'll be interested to see if the ticket price actually falls in line with the VAT reduction. Or are we to expect prices to remain at original levels and therefore improve operator's profit margins?

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