All news articles for June 2012

Baerbel Moehrle, meetings and events sales manager, Park Plaza Victoria

Baerbel Moehrle: Career Profile

By Luke Nicholls

Baerbel Moehrle began her career as an event coordinator for Marriott Hotels in Hamburg, before making the transition to London as an event executive for the Chancery Court Hotel. There, she rose to senior event manager before landing her current role...

Chefs cook skewers at Kimchee

Food trends 2012: Asian ascension

By Joe Lutrario

Asian food may already be a huge part of the UK restaurant scene, but the world’s largest continent has a lot more to offer. Restaurant magazine's Joe Lutrario looks at the rise in Asian food in the UK and at how some of the less familiar cuisines...

Greeen King's turnover for the past 12 months is up 9.4% to £1.14bn and pre-tax profit has risen by 8.6% to £152m

Food sales help deliver another record year for Greene King

By Luke Nicholls

Pub operator and brewer Greene King has reported another year of record profits and growth, with turnover for the past 12 months up 9.4 per cent, pre-tax profit up 8.6 per cent and a food sales growth of 17 per cent.