Hobart’s latest Hydroline warewashing machine ‘offers practical and financial benefits for operators’

By Luke Nicholls

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Hobart's Hydroline ROI-500 warewashing machine features 'reverse osmosis' technology
Hobart's Hydroline ROI-500 warewashing machine features 'reverse osmosis' technology
Catering equipment manufacturer Hobart has launched the Hydroline ROI-500 warewashing machine for restaurants, pubs and hotels, which features the latest ‘reverse osmosis’ technology to produce streak-free glassware and cutlery.

Designed for operation with Hobart GX/GXP glasswashers and FX/FXP undercounter dishwashers, the new system does away with hand polishing, removing minerals from the water to produce savings of up to 30 per cent in terms of chemical usage and delivering protection against limescale.

“This is a real breakthrough in terms of glassware and cutlery cleaning that will produce practical and financial benefits for a range of outlets,” said Tim Bender, UK product development manager of Warewashing for Hobart UK.  

“The most obvious advantage is that the system delivers streak-free results so there is no need for staff to spend time polishing which saves time and boosts kitchen efficiency.

“Glassware and cutlery is ready to use straight from the machine so it is ideal for outlets such as high-end hotels, restaurants and bars that need a consistent supply of sparkling glasses to enhance their offering.

Low operational cost

The design of the Hydroline ROI-500 means that all servicing can be carried out quickly and its compact dimensions allow it to be fitted as an integrated base with the GX/GXP and FX/FXP undercounter machines.

The system is powered and controlled by the warewasher and does not require a separate power supply. This feature allows the water consumption rate and filter replacement situation to be monitored and displayed on the machine control panel. It also does not need an integral or external softener.

Bender added: “The removal of minerals from the water reduces the need for chemicals and avoids the build-up of limescale which is a long-term problem for many operators. This system purifies the water and so removes all the harmful minerals, meaning the machine will last longer and operate more efficiently. It also has a low operational cost compared with traditional systems which use a demineralisation cartridge.”

 “This system raises the bar in terms of the quality of glass and cutlery washing.  It means that the traditional, labour-intensive task of polishing glasses and cutlery is a thing of the past – freeing up staff time for more important kitchen tasks.”  

For more information on the full Hobart range, visit www.hobartuk.com​ 

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