R200 Online Special

R200 Online Special

After months of lockdown, imposed restrictions, active lobbying, diversification and strategizing, the time has come for the next chapter for the hospitality sector. While businesses across the UK had started to reopen their doors in July, the industry was a different place to before the pandemic struck, with the future for many businesses still uncertain.

Although we at Restaurant were not able to run our usual R200 European study tour in July, we still wanted to bring our community of multi-site restaurant operators together in the form of a webinar to provide a forum for discussion, analysis and the sharing of experiences and ideas to help support businesses as they looked towards to the future.

In this webinar, we brought some of the leading multi-site restaurant operators together to share their learnings of the past few months of lockdown, their thoughts and observations on the state of the UK eating out sector and their plans and outlook for future. Among the topics discussed are some of the more effective measures businesses have taken to reassure customers and entice them back to their venues; a look at the strategies behind reopening a large restaurant estate and where the challenges therein lie; the changing role of delivery in a post lockdown world, and where any opportunities of growth and expansion might lie.

Watch the webinar on-demand​ now by following this link​.