Refurbishing the kitchen at Franco's meant a whole new cooking suite could be installed to meet the changing needs of the business

Kitchen Equipment: When it's time to refurbish

By Emma Eversham

Replacing a kitchen is not something you consider every day. When margins are being squeezed in every area of the business it can be hard to see how spending a five or six-figure-sum on new kit will have an immediate effect on your profit margins.

Frank Haasnoot's winning creation


The World Chocolate Masters 2011: The competition

The World Chocolate Masters is, by a considerable margin, the world’s most important competition for chocolatiers and pastry chefs. Organised for the fourth time by Cacao Barry, Callebaut and Carma, the competition sees 20 or so contestants work unaided...

Mason & Taylor, Shoreditch

Redefining the gastropub: Definition 4 - the craft pub

The fifth and final part of our feature series, first published in Restaurant magazine, looks at whether a pub serving restaurant-quality food alongside a vast selection of beers would be better described as a 'craft pub' rather than 'food-led'...

The Highwayman Inn, Nether Burrow, Lancashire

Redefining the gastropub: Definition 3 - the food-led pub

The fourth part of our feature series, first published in Restaurant magazine, continues to define the term 'gastropub' by looking at whether a pub serving great food would be better describing itself as 'food-led' than 'gastropub'.

Find out what kind of food pub your business is so you can market it effectively

Redefining the gastropub: Why there's a need to do it

When the term 'gastropub' was coined in the ’90s few could have predicted its use would become so widespread. What was once a useful descriptor for a serious food pub has become a catch-all for all manner of places.

How can you keep staff happy, motivated and working efficiently during the 2012 Olympic Games?

Planning for the 2012 Olympics: Staff and training

By Emma Eversham

As McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc once said ‘You’re only as good as the people you hire’ so if you believe his mantra and want to make sure your business is a winner during next year’s Olympic Games, make sure you read our fourth and final instalment of...


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