Learning from abroad

Fluid Movement's latest London bar VOC has taken inspiration from abroad

Learning from abroad: Pubs and bars

By Emma Eversham

As pubs and bars struggle to cope with alcohol tax rises and red tape, operators who want to do more than simply survive need to come up with new ideas to boost their business. In the third part of this month's feature we take a look at some of the...

Versace is amongst the designer brands linking their names to hotels

Learning from abroad: Hotels

By Lorraine Heller

Many major hotel trends reach our shores after first taking a hold in international markets. In the second part of this month’s feature, BigHospitality takes a look at the latest concepts that have been emerging in hotels abroad.

Food trucks have soared in popularity in the US

Learning from abroad: Restaurants

By Becky Paskin

The British restaurant industry can often be short-sighted; concentrating too much on what’s happening in their local neighbourhood rather than focusing on the bigger picture.