Planning for the 2012 Olympics

How can you keep staff happy, motivated and working efficiently during the 2012 Olympic Games?

Planning for the 2012 Olympics: Staff and training

By Emma Eversham

As McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc once said ‘You’re only as good as the people you hire’ so if you believe his mantra and want to make sure your business is a winner during next year’s Olympic Games, make sure you read our fourth and final instalment of...

Delivery and collection services that you rely on will need to change during the Olympics

Planning for the 2012 Olympics: Transport and deliveries

By Lorraine Heller

Hospitality businesses will be amongst the most affected by the transport and logistics changes during the Olympics next year. This article includes a simple break-down of what you should be thinking about to ensure business continuity, together with...

Businesses may not be able to use the 2012 logo during the Games, but iconic images like this are allowed

Planning for the 2012 Olympics: Marketing

By Becky Paskin

Once you’ve made yourself aware of what’s happening during the 2012 London Olympic Games (by reading our first feature in this series) you need to decide how you’re going to use the event to boost your business’s profile.

Plan your involvement in London 2012 by finding out what's happening near you and when

Planning for the 2012 Olympics: The details

By Emma Eversham

The London 2012 Olympics are just over a year away with almost a million* people expected to be attending them and their related events both in the capital and across selected areas of the country.

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