Calorie labelling

Diners are being encouraged to make healthier choices when eating out

The hospitality industry is under immense pressure from the Government to provide calorie information on its menus for the sake of the nation's expanding waistline, but doing so could mean even greater costs for the industry that is already feeling the burden of regulations and tax.

Leon will be putting nutritional information online this year and could put it on menus in restaurants in the future

Leon to put calorie information online

By Stefan Chomka

Healthy fast-food chain Leon is putting the nutritional content of its dishes, including how much fat and calories each contains on its website

The Tories say they want calories displayed on menus at businesses  with 15 or more outlets

Conservatives push for more calorie labelling in restaurants and pubs

By Emma Eversham

The Conservative Party has said it wants to push forward with the Food Standards Agency's efforts to get restaurants to display nutrional information on menus and will do away with unit labels on alcohol if it gets into power at the next General...

Pizza Express's Leggera wine range is under 10% ABV

Pizza Express introduces low alcohol and low calorie wine range

By Emma Eversham

Pizza Express has added low calorie and low alcohol red and white wines to its Leggera range to appeal to customers watching their weight or alcohol intake and help fulfil its healthy eating commitment to the Food Standards Agency

The FSA is consulting with  restaurants about adopting the  US calorie counting on menus

FSA comes under fire for nutrition approach

By Stefan Chomka, Restaurant magazine

The Food Standards Agency has come under attack for failing to give the industry proper guidance on how to introduce nutritional information onto menus

The Real Greek displays calories on menus

The Real Greek displays calories on menus

By Emma Eversham

Clapham House Groups Greek restaurant chain becomes the first restaurant company to commit to putting the calorie content of dishes on all menus at all branches

Menu labelling scheme inappropriate, says BHA

Menu labelling scheme inappropriate, says BHA

By Becky Paskin

The British Hospitality Association has said there would be ‘huge cost’ and ‘little benefit’ in the FSA’s plan to label calorie content on menus

Gusto launches calorie-counting menu

Gusto launches calorie-counting menu

By Emma Eversham

Italian restaurant chain Gusto has devised a new menu listing the nutritional value and calorie content alongside the description of each dish

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