Dining trends

Dining trends

We have rounded up insight on the hottest food and beverage trends hitting pubs, restaurants and hotels, as well as the latest analysis of the eating out market. 

Vegetarians say they want to see more innovation on menus when eating out. Pictured: Buckwheat and Maple roasted salad

What vegetarians want when they eat out

By Emma Eversham

Veggie burgers, meat-free sausages and vegetable lasagnas no longer cut the mustard with vegetarian diners, a survey has found with many requesting chefs create innovative dishes using plant-based products instead of meat substitutes.

It's not all about the meat. There are many ways chefs can rejuvenate and differentiate their menus with innovative vegetarian dishes.


How chefs can better serve vegetarians and vegans

By Tony Naylor

For National Vegetarian Week (16-22 May) , Restaurant magazine columnist Tony Naylor suggests 10 ways chefs can improve their offering for vegetarians and vegans. 

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