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The Lowdown: Feast It

The Lowdown: Feast It

By James McAllister

The event catering agency Feast It has partnered with some of London’s top Michelin-star restaurants to launch a ‘unique’ catering experience.

The Samhaji Rola Wala trademark

The Lowdown: The Samhaji

By James McAllister

Indian fast casual group Rola Wala says it has begun the process of trademarking the recipe for its samosa/onion bhaji hybrid, the Samhaji.

National Steak Day offers diners 25% off steaks at restaurants across the UK on April 25

The Lowdown: National Steak Day

By James McAllister

Next Thursday, 25 April, will be the inaugural National Steak Day, offering 25% off steaks at more than 150 restaurants across the UK.

Eaten app invites users to rate specific dishes they ate at a restaurant hoping to revolutionise how consumers share and discover new food

The Lowdown: Eaten

By James McAllister

An app that invites users to rate specific dishes they ate at a restaurant is hoping to revolutionise the way consumers share and discover new food.

Impossible Whopper Burger King

The Lowdown: The Impossible Whopper

By James McAllister

Burger King is jumping on the meat-free bandwagon, piloting a plant-based version of its signature Whopper sandwich in the US.


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