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Service, value and 'easy wins' are the secret to boosting alcohol sales

How to maximise your drink sales: alcohol

By Becky Paskin

More and more alcohol is being consumed at home, so whether you run a hotel, restaurant or bar you need to make sure you maximise your wine, beer and spirit sales to boost profit.

Quality and showmanship are the key to delivering profit from hot beverages

How to maximise your drinks sales: hot beverages

By Becky Paskin & Stefan Chomka

As consumers look to a more continental lifestyle, one that involves a mid-afternoon coffee or tea, restaurants, pubs and hotels should take note to improve their hot beverage offering, which will ultimately boost revenue.

Salad dressings are partly to blame for high salt levels

Salad salt levels ‘absurdly’ high

By Becky Paskin

Salads bought from high street outlets such as EAT and Pret a Manger have been found to contain more salt than a packet of crisps, over half the recommended daily allowance

Soft drinks should be appealing to both adults and children

How to maximise your drinks sales: soft drinks

By Chris Druce

Alcohol sales in the on-trade are on the slide, but the soft drinks category continues to go from strength-to-strength. So whether you’re running a bar, restaurant or hotel you need to make sure your soft drink offer has plenty of fizz.

So Bar in Fulham is now on the market

Owner of London’s So Bars sells up

By Becky Paskin

The operator of London cocktail bar group So Bar, has sold its Richmond outlet following plans to focus on ‘other ventures’

Drinks sales are a vital part of your revenue

How to maximise your drink sales: the perfect serve

By Becky Paskin

Money made from drinks in food-led operations should account for 30-50 per cent of your total revenue, but even though consumers are now seeking cheaper options, there are a few tricks you can use to help your drinks offering fight back.

Grand Union will open its next site in Wandsworth this month

pub & bar

Grand Union to grow to 16 pubs in 2011

By Gemma McKenna

Grand Union Group, the London-based multiple pub operator, will open three new pubs by the end of the year, and plans to grow to 16 in 2011

VAT hikes and the rising cost of grain could push beer prices up

Beer could cost £4 a pint as wheat costs soar

By Martyn Leek

The rising cost of wheat and grain come to the fore yesterday as it was suggested in some quarters it could lead to a £4 pint, coupled with the imminent rise in VAT

How to brew Real Ale

How to brew Real Ale

By Becky Paskin

Camra’s Great British Beer Festival 2010 is currently underway at Earls Court in London, showcasing real ales, ciders and perries from around the country, as well as a selection of international beers

Galvin La Chapelle was named Best Restaurant Design 2010 after using St. Botolph's Hall's original features

How to turn a single outlet into a chain: Design

By Becky Paskin

Most people rarely get things spot on first time around, and setting up a restaurant, pub or hotel business is no exception. But if you don’t get the design and branding on your second or even third site perfect, you’re in trouble of damaging your business.

How to successfully grow your business

How to successfully grow your business

By Becky Paskin

As we look this week at the ways restaurants, pubs and hotels should expand their business across two or more sites, we asked a handful of operators for their own experiences of growing a brand.

Buying the right property to build your brand isn't easy

How to turn a single outlet into a chain: Property

By Chris Druce

If you have funding in place to grow your single restaurant, pub or hotel into a chain, the current economic uncertainty presents an opportunity to gain a foothold in the property market and start along the road to building your empire.

Present potential backers with thorough and concise trading information

How to turn a single outlet into a chain: Finance

By Chris Druce

With many a bank notoriously reluctant to lend to the hospitality sector in the past, how do you pay for expansion and who is likely to lend and help you build your restaurant, pub or hotel empire?

Rufus Hall, chief executive of Orchid Group

Pearls of Wisdom: Rufus Hall

By Becky Paskin

The chief executive of Orchid Group, the biggest start-up the pub industry has seen, saw his company fall into and subsequently emerge from administration to become the largest food-led pub operator in the R200 list

How to run a multi-site restaurant business post-recession

How to run a multi-site restaurant business post-recession

By Becky Paskin

A selection of R200 members and industry experts, including Jo Barnes from Sauce Communications and Steven Pike from the Mystery Dining Company, give their advice on running a multi-site operation post-recession

Gordon Ramsay will close production kitchen GR Logistics in July

Gordon Ramsay shuts central production kitchen

By Becky Paskin

Gordon Ramsay Holdings has announced that its central production kitchen in Wandsworth, GR Logistics, which supplies Foxtrot Oscar and its three pubs, is to close at the end of this month

A well led bar team will maximise your profits

pub & bar

Inspiring your bar team

By Chris Druce

Working behind a bar can be a lot of fun but you’re on your feet for most of your shift and thirsty customers can be a demanding bunch. Keeping your bar team on top of their game is therefore vital to your business’s long-term success.

The R200 list features the top 200 restaurant operators in the UK

pub & bar

Gondola Holdings tops R200 list once more

By Becky Paskin

Gondola Holdings has once again retained the top spot in the R200, Restaurant magazine’s annual list of the top restaurant operators in the UK

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